sábado, 20 de outubro de 2012

Dabliowa - Alternatividade (2012)

01. intro - O Discurso de Edgar Friendly
02. Dabliowa - O jogo é sujo
03. Dabliowa - A cor da vida
04. Dabliowa - Espaço no compasso
05. Dabliowa - Contratempo
06. Dabliowa - Mero Momento
07. Dabliowa - Sossego
08. Dabliowa - Breves notas - part $intomas Di
09. Dabliowa - Bom dia Tristeza
10. Dabliowa - autenticidade - Ao vivo


domingo, 30 de outubro de 2011

Elzhi - Out Of Focus EP (2011)

01. Broken Frames Intro feat. Theory 13
02. Scattered Pictures (prod. by DJ House Shoes)
03. MuSick (prod. by DJ House Shoes)
04. S.A.R.A.H. Interlude feat. Dwele
05. Someone As Real As Her feat. Dwele (prod. by Magnetic)
06. Conversation Interlude feat. Dwele
07. Big F.U. (prod. by DJ House Shoes)
08. Boomerang Slang (prod. by DJ House Shoes)
09. Where It All Begins feat. Big Tone & 87 (prod. by Magnetic)
10. Bonus Track

SigNif - Embracing Rejection (2011)

01. Poetry In Motion
02. Let’s Build
03. Soul Clap
04. Like My Style
05. Simple
06. AfterNoon Jazz Redux
07. Plain and Simp feat. Keno & IzReal
08. The Rebuttal feat. J.Nolan
09. Let’s Figure It Out
10. Wish Her Well
11. Vandal
12. Welcome To The Fun House
13. Nice To Know
14. No Love
15. Weed Rap (Just Fu*king With You)
16. By Night Fall

Kp Hoodie - O Início (Unreleased) (2011)

01.Big City (Prod. J Dilla) 02.The Beginning (Prod. Tsutchie) 03.Follow Seu Coração (Prod. Nujabes) 04.Nod Your Head (Prod. Fat Jon) 05.Much Mais (Prod. J Dilla) 06.Track 39 (Prod. Jay Dee) 07.It não faz sentido (Prod. Howell) 08.Cold Coração (Prod. Don Diestro) 09.Vibeout (Prod. Jay Dee) Manhã 10.Silver (Prod. Nujabes) Dia 11.All (prod. G3) 12.Romantic (Prod. G3) t 13.Can 'You See (Prod. G3) 14.memories (prod. G3) 15.Reflection Eternal

sexta-feira, 2 de setembro de 2011

phoniks - the tape (REMIX) (2011)

01.ain't hard to tell - nas (remix)
02.rotten apple - royal flush (remix)
03.shook ones pt 2 - mobb deep (remix)
04.whirlwind thru cities - afu ra (remix)
05.doe or die - az (remix)
06.juicy - notorious b.i.g. (remix)
07.boston - ed o.g. (remix)
08.controlled coincidence - chali 2na, kanetic source (remix)
09.the world is yours - nas (remix)


J.Blow - SUMMER EP (2011)

01.Cruise (ft. Brek One & Moodswing King)
02.Summer Days (ft. Real J. Wallace)
03.E! (ft. Parker Edison)
04.The Catamaran (ft. PCH)
05.Deep (ft. Moodswing King & PCH)
06.CA Knights (ft. Bam Circa 86)


Kaine Karrera - Trapped In The Box (2011)

02.New Day new Week
03.Dark Times (It'll Be Alright)
04.Brand New Feeling
05.Strong As Death
06.From Nothin To Somethin
07.The Mack
08.It's Getting Serious
09.Said You'll Be Back
10.Telephone Call Away
11.They Don't Understand